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We are a cutting-edge enterprise specializing in the development, manufacturing, and sales of wind turbines. Combining the most advanced technology, extensive research, and specialized teams to create sustainable and efficient wind power products. The company is committed to providing high-quality solutions and has become an important participant in the global renewable energy market.

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Des/model FS-400 FS-600 FS-1000 FS-2000 FS-3000
Started wind speed|(m/s) 1.3m/s 1.3m/s 1.3m/s 1.5m/s 1.5m/s
Cut-in wind speed|(m/s) 2.5m/s 2.5m/s 2.5m/s 3m/s 3m/s
Rated wind speed|(m/s) 11m/s 11m/s 11m/s 11m/s 11m/s
Rated voltage(AC) 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V/48V 24V/48V/96V 48V/96V
Rated power (W) 400W 600W 1000W 2000W 3000W
Max power (W) 450W 650W 1050W 2100W 3100W
Rotor Diameter of Blades (m) 0.52 0.52 0.52 0.67m 0.8m
Product assembly weight weight(kg) <23kg <23kg <25kg <40kg <80kg
Blades height(m) 1.05 1.05m 1.3m 1.5m 2m
Safe wind speed (m/s) ≤40m/s
Blades quantity 2
Blades material Glass Fiber
Generator Three phase permanent magnet suspension motor
Control System Electromagnet
Mount Height (m) 7-12m(9m)
Generator protection grade IP54
Work environment humidity ≤90%
Altitude: ≤4500m
Overspeed protection Electromagnetic brake
Overload protection Electomagnetic brake and the unloading unit


Wind turbines are environmentally friendly, economical, sustainable, and adaptable. Wind energy is a sustainable and renewable energy source with no pollution emissions, energy conservation, environmental protection, and low carbon emissions. They have low operating costs and relatively stable prices, and can be used for household solar combined power generation. They are suitable for solar street lights and box cars.

Product Feature

1. Low starting wind speed, small size, beautiful appearance, and low operating vibration; Adopting a humanized flange installation design for easy installation and maintenance;

2. The fan blades are made of aluminum alloy, with optimized aerodynamic shape and structural design. The starting wind speed is low, and colors can be mass-produced according to customer requirements;

3. The generator adopts a patented permanent magnet rotor AC generator, with a special rotor design that can effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, which is only one-third of that of ordinary motors. At the same time, the fan and generator have good matching characteristics and the reliability of unit operation;

4. Adopting maximum power tracking intelligent microprocessor control to effectively regulate current and voltage.

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This spiral vertical axis fan has low starting wind speed, small size, beautiful appearance, low operating vibration, and is different from horizontal axis fans. It uses a magnetic levitation generator, which has good matching characteristics with the generator and reliable operation of the unit. The blades are made of aluminum alloy, which is corrosion-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. It is very popular in foreign markets


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The working principle of a wind turbine is relatively simple. The wind turbine rotates under the action of the wind, converting the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy of the wind turbine shaft. The small and portable size of the wind turbine is very suitable for outdoor emergency use, such as charging mobile phones or temporary lighting solar monitoring

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