JLC4 100W-1KW Vertical Wind Turbine Generator For Home Use

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At the core of the JLC4 Wind Turbine Generator is the patented permanent magnet rotor alternator with a special rotor design. This innovative technology significantly reduces the resistance torque of the generator, providing a smoother and more efficient operation. In fact, the resistance torque is only 1/3 of what you would find in an ordinary motor, ensuring that the wind turbine and generator are perfectly matched. This seamless integration guarantees optimal performance and enhances the overall lifespan of the system.

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Thanks to its ergonomic design, installation of the S1 wind turbine is a breeze. With simple installation steps and convenient maintenance, users can start enjoying renewable energy without hassle. The fan blade design not only ensures ease of use, but also maximizes energy production through enhanced aerodynamics and mechanical design, thereby increasing annual energy production.

The secret to the outstanding performance of the S1 wind turbine lies in its generator. The generator uses a proprietary permanent magnet rotor alternator and a unique rotor design that effectively reduces drag torque. In fact, it has one-third the drag torque of a standard motor. This means more electricity can be converted from wind energy, maximizing the efficiency of generators and ultimately the energy output of turbines.

In addition to the impressive technical advancements, the S1 wind turbine offers a range of customizable options. By choosing between 12V, 24V or 48V power systems, users can easily adapt the generator to their specific energy needs. This flexibility ensures that the S1 wind turbine can be used in a variety of environments, from small residential installations to large commercial projects.

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1. Low starting wind speed, small and beautiful appearance.
2. Humanized flange design. Easy to install and maintain.
3. Aluminum alloy body and nylon fiber blades with optimized aerodynamic shape and mechanism design, resulting in a high utilization factor of wind energy, increasing annual energy generation.
4. The generator adopts the patented permanent magnet rotor alternator with special rotor design, this can effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator which it is only 1/3 of the ordinary motor. This undoubtedly makes the wind turbine and generator better match.
5. The maximum power tracking intelligent microprocessor control is adopted to effectively adjust the current and voltage.

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Clean energy complements wind and solar energy.


Street Light Power Supply


Power Supply for Park Community


Roadside Monitoring Power Supply


For Power Plants


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