portable wind turbine hybrid solar system generator speed control for home use with controller

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Our wind turbines are sold directly from the factory at factory prices. Our products have innovative manufacturing processes and our own design patents, The product utilizes unique independently developed technology

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Product name Horizontal Axis Wind Power Generator
Brand Name JiuLi
Shaft type Horizontal Shaft
Certification CE
Place of Origin China
Model Number SUN1200
Blade Length 850mm
Rated power 1000W/1500W/2000W
Rated Voltage 12V/24V/48V
Generator type 3 Phase AC Permanent-magnet
Rated wind speed 13m/s
Start Wind Speed 1.3m/s
Application Off-grid
Blade Material Nylon Fiber
Blade Quantity 3/5pcs
Warranty 3years


Wind turbines are environmentally friendly, economical, sustainable, and adaptable. Wind energy is a sustainable and renewable energy source with no pollution emissions, energy conservation, environmental protection, and low carbon emissions. They have low operating costs and relatively stable prices, and can be used for household solar combined power generation. They are suitable for solar street lights and box cars.

Product Feature

1. Low starting wind speed, small size, beautiful appearance, low operating vibration;
2. Using humanized flange installation design for easy installation and maintenance;The aluminum alloy body and wind turbine blades are made of nylon .
1.fiber materials, with optimized aerodynamic shape and structural design. The starting wind speed is low, the wind energy utilization coefficient is high, and the annual power generation is increased.
2.The generator adopts a patented permanent magnet rotor AC generator, paired with a special rotor design, effectively reducing the resistance torque of the generator to only one-third of that of a regular motor, and at the same time, making the wind turbine and generator have better matching characteristics, ensuring the reliability of unit operation.
5. Adopting maximum power tracking intelligent microprocessor control, effectively regulating current and voltage.

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This F5 wind turbine is a horizontal axis generator with a large power output and low starting wind speed. The blade material is nylon fiber, and the generator type is a three-phase AC permanent magnet generator. The outer shell material of the generator is aluminum



The product has a wide range of applications and can be applied to solar street lights, household power supply system power generation, solar monitoring, mobile box cars, scenic area decorations, etc

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