JLH2 100W-600W Vertical Wind Turbine Generator

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Our vertical wind turbines are compact in size and suitable for both urban and rural areas. It does not require a large installation space, making it ideal for rooftops, balconies, gardens or any small area available. Its low starting wind speed ensures that even in areas with low wind conditions, it can still generate electricity, allowing you to take full advantage of the wind energy.

The JLH2 wind turbine adopts a humanized design, including a user-friendly toothed mechanism, making it easy to install and maintain. Turbine generators can be easily installed and maintained by anyone without complicated installation or expertise. This ensures hassle-free use and saves you time and energy.

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One of the distinctive features of our vertical wind turbines is their superior blade design. Improved aerodynamic shape and body design enhance energy production capacity, thereby increasing annual energy production. This means you can generate more clean and sustainable energy, rely less on conventional energy sources and lower your carbon footprint.

To further increase its efficiency, the JLH2 wind turbine uses a proprietary permanent magnet rotor alternator and a special rotor design. This innovative technology reduces the drag torque of the generator to a third of that of a typical electric motor, ensuring maximum power transfer. Therefore, wind turbines can efficiently convert wind energy into electricity, providing you with a stable and continuous power supply.

In addition to high performance, JLH2 wind turbine also has a beautiful appearance. Its sleek design and modern aesthetic make it visually appealing and blend seamlessly into any environment. Whether installed in an urban landscape or a rural setting, this turbo generator adds elegance while contributing to a greener world.

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1. Small size, low beginning wind speed, and attractive appearance.
2. A flange with a humanized design.easy to set up and maintain.
3. Increased annual energy production stems from high wind energy use. This is because to the improved aerodynamic shape and mechanism design of the blades.
4. The generator's resistive torque is now just a third of that of a typical motor thanks to the employment of a proprietary permanent magnet rotor alternator and a special rotor design. As a result, the generator and wind turbine are obviously better matched.
5. The current and voltage are efficiently regulated using advanced microprocessor control that tracks maximum power.

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Clean energy complements wind and solar energy.


Street Light Power Supply


Mountain Power Supply


Roadside Monitoring Power Supply


Household Community Power Supply


1. Competitive prices
--We are a factory/manufacturer, so we can control production costs and sell at the lowest price.

2. Controllable quality
--We have an independent factory for production, ensuring the quality of each production process. If you need it, we can show you every detail of our production.

3. Multiple payment methods
--We accept multiple payment methods, and you can use PayPal, credit card, and other payment methods.

4. Various forms of cooperation
--We not only provide you with our products, but if you are willing, we can become your partner and design products according to your requirements. Welcome to become our agent in your country!

5. Perfect after-sales service
--As a manufacturer of wind turbine products for over 15 years, we have extensive experience in handling various issues. No matter what problem you encounter, we will help you solve it.

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