JLF 300W-3KW Horizontal Wind Turbine Generator For Home Use

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The new design F-type vertical axis wind generator has the advantages of low center of gravity, stability, easy maintenance and reduced cost. Vertical axis wind generator do not need windward adjustment system, can accept 360 degrees of wind from any direction, the main shaft always turn in the design direction. The blade tip ratio of vertical axis wind generator is smaller than that of horizontal axis, so the aerodynamie noise is small and the benefits brought by low noise are obvious. Vertical axis wind generator can be applied in urban public facilities, street lights, residential buildings and other places where the noise cannot be too high. To sum up, vertical axis wind generator has a broader application field and development prospect.

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1. Low starting wind speed, small and beautiful appearance.
2. Humanized flange design.Easy to install and maintain.
3. Aluminum alloy body and nylon fiber blades with optimized aerodynamic shape and mechanism design, resulting in a high utilization factor of wind energy, increasing annual energy generation.
4. The generator adopts the patented permanent magnet rotor alternator with special rotor design, this can effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator which it is only 1/3 of the ordinary motor. This undoubtedly makes the wind turbine and generator better match.
5. The maximum power tracking intelligent microprocessor control is adopted to effectively adjust the current and voltage.

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The traditional users and service objects of F-type Vertical-axis wind turbine are still mainly farmers, livestock husbandry and fishermen in areas with wind but no power or power shortage.

Applications: inland lakes, offshore aquaculture, highway monitoring, marine traffic management, navigation lights, weather stations, Microwave transmission bases (Unicom/Telecom/Mobile) and other units.

In addition, the innate shape of the F-type small wind turbine meets our aesthetic standards and is particularly popular as a landscape on street lights, lawn lights, parks, and other walls.


Street Lamp




Roadside Monitors


Power Plant


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