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The horizontal axis wind turbine uses a permanent magnet generator. The main feature of the horizontal axis wind turbine is that its axis is parallel to the ground, and the blades rotate perpendicular to the axis. This not only facilitates wind absorption but also facilitates speed control. The horizontal axis wind turbine is mainly suitable for areas with no obstacles, no obstacles, and a uniform wind field

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Product name Horizontal Axis Wind Power Generator
Brand Name JiuLi
Shaft type Horizontal Shaft
Certification CE
Place of Origin China
Model Number SUN1200
Blade Length 850mm
Rated power 1000W/1500W/2000W
Rated Voltage 12V/24V/48V
Generator type 3 Phase AC Permanent-magnet
Rated wind speed 13m/s
Start Wind Speed 1.3m/s
Application Off-grid
Blade Material Nylon Fiber
Blade Quantity 3/5pcs
Warranty 3years


Horizontal axis wind turbines have the following advantages over vertical axis wind turbines: (1) The highest efficiency is achieved in the field of all wind energy; (2) Can achieve large capacity and high speed ratio; (3) Mature system and perfect market; (4) Good technological continuity and industrialization conditions

Product Feature

1、Low starting wind speed, small volume,beautiful appearance and low operatingvibration;

2、Humanized flange installation design isused to facilitate installation and mainte.nance;

3、 The aluminum alloy fuselage and windturbine blades are made ofnylon fibercombined with optimized aerodynamicshape design and structural design, whichhas low starting wind speed and highwind energy utilization coefficient, in-creasing the annual power generation;

4.The generator adopts the patented permanent magnet rotor alternator with spe.cial rotor design, which can effectivelyreduce the resistance torque of the gener.ator, which is only 1 /3 of that of the ordi-nary motor. At the same time, the windturbine and the generator have bettermatching characteristics and the reliabili.ty ofunit operation;

5、The maximum power tracking intelligentmicroprocessor control is adopted to effectively adjust the current and voltage.

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The wind turbine starts at low wind speed, with extremely high wind energy utilization efficiency. It starts and operates in a gentle breeze to generate electricity, and operates safely without noise. The blade and wing shape of the wind turbine are carefully designed by experts and made of polymer composite materials, which have good strength and toughness, light weight, no deformation, and strong tensile strength. The impeller undergoes dynamic balancing treatment, ensuring quiet and stable operation, effectively preventing the fan from speeding in any situation. The shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy through precision die-casting process, and the core of the generator is made of high-quality high-strength permanent magnet material, which is small in size, light in weight, high in strength, rust free, corrosion-resistant, and salt spray resistant. The motor has a unique labyrinth design inside, which is waterproof, windproof, and sand resistant. All external fasteners are made of high-strength stainless steel products. Widely applicable to various climate environments such as extreme cold, high temperature, high humidity, windy sand and salt mist, with extremely high reliability


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Fans are mainly used for power generation in cities, factories, rural areas, and other areas. In the agricultural field, they are mainly used for pumping well water and irrigating farmland. In the construction field, they are mainly used for providing lighting for buildings. In the transportation field, they are mainly used for providing electricity for traffic lights, electric vehicles, and so on.

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